Here’s a little sound design piece that I’ve been working on; not sure where to put it yet. I’ll share a couple more songs throughout the week as well. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things but I’ve had a hard time recording guitar parts lately; things aren’t working like they used to for some reason. Tech support! I’ll be recording more guitar-based music once I figure out my signal path issues.

Thanks again for listening and stayed tuned for more. Enjoy!

The Christopher Lyttle Method


A collection of 4 albums featuring 40 instrumental tracks. Composed, Performed & Produced by Christopher Lyttle.

Circle Square Triangle

Proximity Infatuation

In the Company of Wolves


Click here for a free download of all 4 albums.

The tweets keep pouring in about tonight’s episode and I’m just getting more and more stressed out. Although, in a good way. Anticipatory stress. Like, the feeling of going on stage or something. It’s like you know what’s supposed to happen, but there are WAY too many variables to be certain of any one outcome. I guess this is what I deserve for not being able to resist reading about the episodes before they air… So hard to resist when I know the information is out there waiting. I look forward to Dexter reprising his role as The Dark Defender and systematically taking apart Trinity. Hooray for carnage!

Mostly, I’m just writing this to kill time while I wait for the various shows I have cued up to finish downloading. I checked out The Simpsons already, and I gotta say… I only laughed at a few parts. The plot / storyline was just stupid and all over the place. Not trying to turn this into a Simpsons review or anything… But, I’m just not sure how many more ideas they’re gonna be able to come up with. However, I know it’ll be sad to see the show go. So, I’m just gonna shut up and enjoy the nostalgia while it still lasts. Before it’s “gone too soon” like Michael Jackson and we’re all going “Hey, remember that show The Simpsons back in the day?”

Things are arriving in my Downloads folder as we speak… So, I’m off to enjoy some more Sunday night cartoons. Have a pleasant evening and we’ll catch up to ‘ya during the week sometime. Take care, friend.


Is it weird to start working on the artwork for an album before it’s finished? Well, how about before it’s even started?

I’ve been haunted by some pretty crazy dreams lately (both mine, and ones others have told me about) which inspired me to create this piece. I thought I would take a new approach for this next project. By starting from a visual reference, I’m hoping to create some interesting musical moments. Maybe I can create a cool vibe by having the album artwork with me during the entire recording process… Or, maybe I’m over-analyzing again. Perhaps, a little of both?

For now, you can enjoy my current album entitled In the Company of Wolves. You can stream the entire thing here, or grab the free download here.

Also, check out for all the latest information and updates.